Ancient way n. 1
Turano - Armo - Persone - Moerna - Turano
The ancient way that linked part of the Valvestino and some of the neighbourhoods

Ancient way n. 2
Magasa - Denai - Rest - Cadria - Magasa
Taking the old road to visit Magasa and its surroundings

Ancient way n. 3
Moerna - Bocca Cocca - Bocca di Valle - Bocca di Cablone - Malga Tombea - Cima Rest
Along the old Austro-Hungarian border

Nature trail n. 1
Armo - Valle dell'Armarolo - Ponte Franato - Messane - Armo
Stunning scenery and unpolluted countryside

Nature trail n. 2
Cadria - Passo della Puria - Cascina Nuova - Cadria
On the tracks of wildlife

Mountain Bike routes: the landscape
From Tremosine to Cima Mughera

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